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Title: Bookmarking/Account Upgrade for Forum Members
Post by: SMFNew on September 19, 2018, 08:35:58 pm
Rolled out a new bookmarking system for all forums and is now part of our new member account upgrade system.
The account upgrade system is under Profile -> Account Upgrades and allows your members to buy extra perks for their forum account.Including ad free visits if your site has advertisements on it.Bookmarking system which allows use to bookmark their favorite topics.
For each subscription the forum owner gets 100mb of extra space ever year added to forum's global attachment or 500mb if the five year option is chosen.

All admin forum users get free access to the bookmarking system and you use an use it as a demo for your users. You can check out yourself inside a topic click the "Add Bookmark" option near reply on the bottom of a topic.
And the biggest perk for the forum owner is each person that orders adds more attachment space to your forum.
I will looking into others/features to be added as time goes on.
EnjoySMF New
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