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Author Topic: POLICY : SMFNew Policies (UPDATED)  (Read 18720 times)

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« on: September 30, 2012, 10:05:57 pm »

We do not delete individual forums upon request. If we are preparing to delete inactive forums, you will all be notified in the News & Updates Section. Any valuable forums that are active and contain posts will NEVER be deleted as long as they correspond with our Terms of Service.

To disable your SMFNew forum please follow the steps below:

Admin » Features and Options » Maintenance Mode » Check the box

This will deny all access to users below the rank of Administrator.

Reporting a forum

If you would like to report a forum for misuse of our TOS then please DO NOT post about it here. Instead, visit the report page.

Renaming forums

We do not currently offer URL renamings, but if you wish to change your forum's title, you can change it via the Admin Center. Follow the path below to change your forum's title:

Admin > Forum Settings > "Forum Title"

Policy on information

SMFNew will not be held responsible if you give out information to anyone to access your forum and damages are done. Your information is solely your responsibility, and we cannot be held liable for negligent acts by our users.

Forum Restore Policy
Originally written by Matt, formatted for the new consolidated Policy sticky

Although we do make daily backups of our server, it does take a considerably long time to restore a forum. Therefore, by restoring a forum, it robs us of valuable time. This is why we have a specific policy on forum restoration.

For us to restore your forum to a previous date of which your forum was in working order, we will charge a one-off fee of $2.95, regardless of how many posts, members or ranking it has.

To ask for this service, please do the following:

Topic Title : Forum Restore Request

You MUST include the following in your post:

Forum Link:
Date you created your forum (estimate if not known):
Email used to create the forum (the one you entered on www.smfnew.com/signup.php):
I would like my forum restored on, or before, the following date:

FTP Access and other webmaster access

We do not offer FTP access or other back-end access to our forums for security reasons.

For example:
Uploading PHP Files -> Modifications/Plugins & Themes

If we were to give everyone access to the back-end of their forum via these programs, then anyone would be able to gain access to any forum on the network.

No free forum hosting service will allow you access to any of these tools.

This list may be updated at any time with or without prior notice.

Thank you for taking the time to read our policies!

-SMFNew Staff
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