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Author Topic: POLICY : Support via external communication  (Read 16822 times)

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POLICY : Support via external communication
« on: December 21, 2012, 07:37:59 pm »
Due to potential security risks, we have decided to implement a new policy relating to support provided via external communication.

We no longer allow users to request nor offer support for forums on our network via external communication without the consent of the staff (IE - methods include Skype, common instant messaging programs, voice/video chat, phone discussion, and so forth). This is a precautionary measure, as we cannot ensure the safety nor legitimacy of what is said via external communication.

If you're a user searching for support, your best option is to create a support topic on our forum. Please don't Private Message users on the forum without their consent, either. We'd prefer if you don't use Private Messaging at all for support, because once again, we cannot confirm the safety or legitimacy of what is said via Private Messaging.

To sum this all up, we ask that you don't try to communicate via external communication (such as Skype, instant messaging, email programs, etc) for support questions for a forum on our network unless permitted by SMFNew Staff. This is purely a safety precaution to help keep our users safe.

Remember: the only users you can be assured are 100% trustworthy are our staff members. While close to all of our users on this forum are very friendly and helpful, the only ones you can trust 100% are our staff. You can tell a staff user by looking at their name. If they're a member of our staff, their name will appear in colored text in the "Recent Posts" block (colors include: red for administrators and blue for support specialists).

We hope that this doesn't discourage you from seeking support/helping other users, and that this policy aids in protecting our users from hackers and similar threats.

Thank you for your cooperation,
- SMFNew Free Forum Hosting
« Last Edit: July 09, 2017, 09:08:28 pm by Jacob »
Jacob, SMFNew Senior Support Specialist
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Please don't send support questions to me via PM! I won't respond!

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