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Author Topic: [OFFICIAL] General Forum Rules and Policies (Updated 5-2-2019)  (Read 31567 times)

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Hi there! Before you read, if you have any questions or do not understand any of the following rule(s), please do not hesitate to make a topic in this board. We would be happy to explain the rule(s) further so you have a better understanding.


We will not spend our time offering help to individuals who are rude or disrespectful. Light jokes and sarcasm are perfectly acceptable in all boards, so long as you're willing to explain yourself to the people you're talking to. However, please keep your topics free of jokes/sarcasm in the Support board.


Although we have a profanity filter in place, this does not guarantee that profanity will be censored (what is profanity?). Please refrain from posting any profanity or abusive speech. Any user that attempts to circumvent our profanity filter or post a "bad word" will have an infraction applied to their account. Circumventing the filter includes altering the word to be spelled in a different way.

Multiple accounts aren't permitted. If you would like to have a different username, private message an admin to change it. If your PC is shared with someone else and they would like to create an account of their own, please post about it in this board so that we can make note of it.


If you attempt to annoy other users by making certain posts, topics or sending private messages which you know will anger them, then your account will be given an infraction. If this behavior continues, we may temporarily or permanently ban you depending on the severity of the offense. If you've been treated poorly by a user, please report the post and/or private message. You may only make one post per 60 seconds. Additionally, posts must be longer than 10 letters or our spam filter will prevent you from posting. Users caught spamming will be given an infraction for each post and/or topic they make.


Our staff are here to make sure that your experience with SMFNew is as smooth and pain-free as possible. Their word is final. Please do not private message staff for support. Please create a topic for support so that others may read the response we give, hopefully allowing them to fix their issue(s) before they even have to ask. If privacy is needed to solve your support query, a member of our staff will private message you. Finally, if you feel a member of our staff has acted unfairly, please private message an Admin.


Please do not make threads/posts discussing someone who has been banned. In nearly every case, bans are discussed by the team as a whole. We do not ban on impulse.


Posting nudity and/or sexual content or links to such content is prohibited. If a user is found to have posted or uploaded such material, it is an immediate and unconditional permanent ban. This rule extends to avatars, signatures and private messages.


Do not encourage others to break any of the rules which are listed here. Both parties will receive the same treatment.


If you intentionally abuse an exploit in our software, your account will be banned. However, if you do find an exploit, please let us know so we can patch it up as soon as possible!


We prefer if users do not use any form of proxy to access our support forum as the IP addresses these services use may conflict with other users' IP addresses. This isn't a rule, it's simply a preference.


Please post in English. SMFNew is a service based in the United States. If you do not speak English but still need help, please use a service like Google Translate. If you use Google Translate, please be patient with us as the translations aren't always entirely accurate.


You may link to your own site or forum in your profile, signature or post so long as the link does not violate any of the terms above. You may advertise one forum in a 15-day period in the Show Off board. If you wish to bump your advertisement, please wait until 15 days have passed. Only one advertisement for one forum in a 15 day period is permitted. You may only advertise forums which we host.


If you find a forum that you think might violating our terms of service, please do not post about it on this forum. Instead, send us a report via this link.


You may "bump" your own threads by posting a short reply to your thread once per 24 hours. However, you may not bump a topic which is over three months old unless you have something significant to add. This rule does not extend to the Support board; please do not bump threads in the Support board until 48 hours have passed. 


If you find a topic or post that violates any of these rules, please report it. This sends a report to our moderation center and will allow us to view the reported thread/post so that we may take action if it violates these rules. Misuse of the report function will result in one infraction per false report.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules!
-The SMFNew Team
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